At about 1:30 a.m. I heard some rustling beneath the bed. It sounded too large and loud to be a mouse. “Was that a flapping sound?” I wondered.

With a bit of dread I switched on the light. Before I knew it, a bat was speeding toward me. My scream woke everyone. I calmed the baby, the bat took cover under the bed, and my husband, armed with a towel, searched in vain for the thing. (He called it a “her;” I called it a “him.”) So we took our blankets and pillows, closed the bedroom door behind us, and camped out in the living room for the rest of the night.

A morning search proved futile as well, but while we were out in late afternoon our unwelcome guest awoke. When we returned it was swooping around like it had the run of the place. I was thankful my husband went in and chased it through the propped-open door and out of our apartment easily. Perhaps the bat was as eager to get out as I was to have it out.

I’m hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight.

3 thoughts on “bat!

  1. We had a skunk in our apt in Tuba — it hid in the broiler of the oven, which thankfully was right near the back door. We baracaded the kitchen entrance, threw open the broiler drawer and away it ran out the door.

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