Valentine’s cut out cookies

I’m from a family who mostly had little interest in cut out cookies. Such cookies rarely had anything to do with chocolate after all, which is a significant flaw according to my dad.

And as an adult, I’ve found cut out cookies usually rather lackluster and not worth the calories. Often too sugary. But, a few years ago I discovered an exceptional cut out cookie. Plenty of butter and cream make them quite rich and oh-so-flaky. They’re not too sweet; there’s not a drop of sugar in the cookie. So a little frosting on top is a welcome addition. In fact, without it, they seem a little too much like pie crust. But let me warn you: if you give these a try, you may never go back to regular old cut out cookies.

Butter cream cookies
1 cup butter
1/3 cup whipping cream
2 cups flour

Mix ingredients thoroughly and chill at least an hour. Roll dough to an eighth inch thick. Cut with small cookie cutters (2 inches or smaller) since dough is so rich and larger pieces would be hard to handle. Bake at 375 degrees for 7 to 9 minutes, or until slightly puffy. Decorate as desired with butter cream icing.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s cut out cookies

  1. I like Grandma’s receipe of cut out sugar cookies — did you ever make those? They weren’t to sweet either and taste yummy, but they are made with sugar!! My mom and I made them every year for Christmas — I’ve tried them a couple times, but the receipe never comes out the same.

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