Today’s gifts

I’ve recently heard of a family whose dinner conversation includes an opportunity for each person to share the answer to the question, “What was today’s gift?” It needn’t be something big, but by relating a peaceful moment, describing a beautiful thing, or remembering a blessing they are multiplying their happiness.

One of my gifts today was some time for reading and reflection.
Another was an aunt’s comment that our son is a people person just like his grandma (my mom) was.

So, what was today’s gift?
Embrace it.
Savor it.
Pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Today’s gifts

  1. A friend of mine used to do “what was your good thing and not-so-good event of the day” with her kids at dinner. It makes one realize that what we preceive as being “not so good” probably really isn’t compared to other things going on in this world.

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