American Food and Drink

While doing the research for a recent article, I checked this book out and lugged it home–all 690 pages of it–before discovering just how much of a gold mine of information it is.

My sister who was visiting wanted to read the book. My husband was perturbed that I took it away from him one day in order to finish my work. I’ve enjoyed skimming the pages and learned lots of new tidbits in the process.

The book’s entries cover nearly any topic you could think of related to food and its impact on our culture, as well as our culture’s impact on food trends. It’s got information on the history of specific foods, types of cuisine, chefs, inventors (related to food and drink), restaurants, cooking techniques and equipment, commercial products, food science, and traditions. Enough to keep even the most avid reader busy for weeks, or just a fun book in which to meander around.

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