April is national kite month. Individuals of every age and every level of physical ability are encouraged to take part in national kite month.

April is also national poetry month.

And it’s a great month for getting outdoors more. But today, with our April fool’s day snow, my son and I had to search indoors for signs of spring. We headed over to the conservatory. Their fragrant sunken gardens were filled with tulips, crocuses, and Easter lilies. But the fish were the highlight for my son.

What do you like about April?

3 thoughts on “April

  1. We went to the park yesterday afternoon and saw 5 people flying kites — I almost went and bought one too, but decided to stick with reading my book and playing frisbee.

  2. about april: i like the longer daylight hours!! and the hope of spring…even when it is late to arrive. and the first drawings of the season with sidewalk chalk seem to be extra special.

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