Our microwave has been on strike as of late, so reheating food has become more time consuming. And it involves pots and pans. For the first few weeks, I was quite irritated about the whole matter.

Rethinking leftovers may be part of the solution. Yesterday an acquaintance told me that a good many leftovers (pasta, vegetables, meat…) can serve as filling for egg rolls. I’d never thought of that before, but it sounds like it’s worth a try. My latest experiment with leftovers was pizza burgers of sorts: toasted bread topped with yesterday’s spaghetti sauce and a bit of cheese, broiled until bubbly. My son and I both found it to be a satisfying lunch.

What’s one of your favorite re-purposed leftover meals?

2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Our grandma made it 101 years without a microwave but she always knew how to heat up leftovers good! I liked the way she would re-heat meatloaf and veggies. My mom is following in her footsteps — she has a microwave but doesn’t use it.

  2. Hmm…eating leftovers for lunch at school. Probably doesn’t answer the question…but I also like it when my friend shares her leftovers with me.

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