Limerick day

Today is Edward Lear’s birthday. In honor of this poet who has probably done the most to popularize the limerick, today has been designated Limerick Day.

Why not enjoy some limericks by Edward Lear or write your own?


5 thoughts on “Limerick day

  1. I found this on line.It is not mine. ~~~~~~~~~~A limerick fan from Australiaregarded his work as a failure:his verses were fineuntil the fourth line ?

  2. One more…..God's plan made a hopeful beginningBut man spoilt his chances by sinningWe trust that the storyWill end in God's gloryBut at present the other side's winning. ~author unknown

  3. There once was a family of "Wolters".Their joy was not horses and halters.No! They liked to quilt,And that to the hilt,And those stitches, not one of them falters!

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