5 thoughts on “Limerick day

  1. No writing limericks for me…I am going to work on a quilt, maybe run home, and try to get rid of this persistent cough I have.

  2. I found this on line.It is not mine. ~~~~~~~~~~A limerick fan from Australiaregarded his work as a failure:his verses were fineuntil the fourth line ?

  3. One more…..God's plan made a hopeful beginningBut man spoilt his chances by sinningWe trust that the storyWill end in God's gloryBut at present the other side's winning. ~author unknown

  4. There once was a family of "Wolters".Their joy was not horses and halters.No! They liked to quilt,And that to the hilt,And those stitches, not one of them falters!

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