we like our library

When we moved, I wasn’t convinced that another library could compare to the one we used to go to regularly (could walk to, in fact.) But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Here are some of the reasons:

A) The story time librarian
She likes books, kids, and music. She brings good stories, a drum and a guitar as well as a bunch of enthusiasm to each session. We sing in at least two languages every week.

B) A great summer reading program
What better way could to encourage more reading than to offer books for prizes?

C) An emphasis on early literacy development
Bookmarks and other resources for patrons encourage caregivers to use books to their full advantage, but most of all to just keep reading.

D) Access to lots of books
Though it is a smaller library, it is a part of a major metro library system. The books I’ve requested so far have arrived in a timely fashion.

What do you like about your library?

3 thoughts on “we like our library

  1. Our libraries are fairly small too, but their inter-library loan system works well. You can even check online to see how many holds are in front of you. They also do a summer reading program and offer prizes for reading, last summer they had one for adults too, I rec'd a nice canvas shopping bag.

  2. Aren't libraries the best! I spend a lot of time at mine(Bakersfield). I also very much enjoyed the one in Olympia, Wa. They do not have late fees. They have self check-out; you just scan the book. If you need to pick up a book on hold you go to a shelf that is alphabetized and pick it up yourself. The librarians are free to help in other areas. We went quite often while visiting and each day it was thoroughly packed with all ages and their system seemed to work well.

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