My son enjoys Big Wheels by Anne Rockwell, but I have a real problem with the page showing the landfill with the compactor at work.

Several of the items on that page shouldn’t be in a landfill. A television set and the tin cans were the first things I noticed. True, proper electronic waste disposal and recycling were not as high profile issues back in 1986 when the book was published. Perhaps it is a reminder of how far we’ve come.

My other recent garbage-related thought (now, that doesn’t mean it’s rubbish) was about our own garbage. When we moved to our house and had to sign up for a garbage service, the sales person warned me that the smallest size container might not be enough for our household of two adults and one child. Lots of people who start out with it have to upgrade, and that costs them. Well, I’ve been thinking about calling him back and reporting that most weeks we don’t fill the container even half full. (Think I could negotiate a lower rate?)

Are we an anomaly? If so, perhaps I’ve got a skill I should put to use. I could be a garbage-reduction consultant. My training module would include chapters on recycling, reusing items, composting, and donating or sharing.

3 thoughts on “garbage

  1. Yes, it's unfortunate but I think you are the abnomaly. However so are we…..I have maybe one bag of trash a week (could prob do less, but it starts to smell) at least 3/4 of the stuff is recycleable. Junk mail, cans, bottles, food boxes. They do have recycling dumpsters at most apt places here too, which is nice.

  2. my kids are learning a lot about recycling at school. i think we generate a LOT less garbage than the normal family. we do have a larger size dumpster, but we usually only fill it half full. unless we are event cleaning. 🙂

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