grandma said…

It was three years ago today that Grandma took her last breath here on earth. Grandma’s last days weren’t a very good representation of her life as a whole. The grandma I remember is the one who got her satisfaction out of doing things for others. She loved much. She rarely sat still. She lived out the proverb “Waste not, want not.”

Some of the things Grandma used to say frequently:
For land’s sake.
I always liked the farm.
Time don’t wait for nobody.
Washing dishes is the easiest job in the house.
I know what it’s like to go hungry; I don’t waste food.
Come again.

4 thoughts on “grandma said…

  1. and she also said, "greet the rest of them" and though I don't have the exact quote…she didn't pressure her adult grandchildren into doing things to please her. I think that we had a GREAT grandma.

  2. Ahh memories!! We should write down the stories she would tell and create a book to pass down…Grandmas Short Stories! Another one I remember is to use your legs as long as you can cuz you never know when you won't be able to. I use the time quote alot!!

  3. I really enjoyed this post… fondly remembering those who have gone from this world before us. When my son was about seven he made a list of his grandma's funny sayings like yours. I still have it 'somewhere'. "Land sakes!" "Heavens to Betsy" and so on. I wonder what we say that they will remember? I quite often comment (in kind of a negative way) "It's a new world!"

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