neighborhood thrift store

We got some new mittens and two wall prints, both for our boy, at the thrift store this week. I used my $5 off coupon and paid a whopping 15 cents out of pocket.

On discount Tuesday, I found a brand new long black skirt, still with the original store tag on.

What do you like to buy at thrift stores?

What was your best deal recently?

3 thoughts on “neighborhood thrift store

  1. My daughter and I both found Reebok tennis shoes, slightly worn, perfect fit for a dollar each pair. We threw them in the washer and were very grateful! & once at a yard sale I found a bunch of C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald books for a dime each. How could they get rid of them?

  2. I prefer yard sales, which we usually have year round here, and with lots of military families there are plenty. At yard sales I get some good clothes and books. Sometimes small furniture items. I recently found a bunch of maternity items for my friend who is due in Feb and needed some pants. I haven't found many good thrift stores, I stubmled into Goodwill a couple times, but they didn't have anything good.

  3. I like finding books that I have been looking for at thrift stores…sometimes you can buy used ones on but the shipping is more than the book. It is also exciting to find a good shirt at the thrift store.

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