seeds to share

Garden seeds arrived yesterday. Another reason to wish it were spring. I’m looking forward to filling the yard with vegetable plants and flowers, and passing on a useful skill to our son. Gardening is also a wonderful way to share with others. Consider these opportunities:

The Dinner Garden is a new non-profit that’s championing gardening as a solution to hunger. They accept donations of unused seeds and pass them along to individuals who can use them.

Ed Hume Seeds’ “Plant a Row for the Hungry” program gives a free packet of seeds to people who wish to donate garden produce to a food bank or soup kitchen.

3 thoughts on “seeds to share

  1. Did you order the seeds from somewhere? I have been looking at gardening books. Our school is going to have a plot in the community garden they are starting…and since I have a panel of windows in my room, I am considering starting seedlings in our room this year.

  2. Can I suggest growing kidney beans, Clair. They come up in 5 days and grow quickly. The pods took longer to come on and when they were ready we replanted some of the dried beans and put some in chili. We also read Jack and the Beanstalk, of course. It was one of my class's favorite projects."Plant a row for the hungry"-what a great idea!

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