the funny thing about Americans

We want the government to provide tons of social services, but somehow don’t think that we should pay the high taxes required to adequately fund those programs.

Sort of like trying to live above your means. It eventually catches up with you.

3 thoughts on “the funny thing about Americans

  1. Health care…I do not mind helping those in need, but when we're talking about one of the sickest (lifestyle illnesses) nations in the world I'm a little hesitant. My daughter's reply? "Better than spending it on weapons to kill them in other countries." Lots to think about.

  2. I am an Obama fan, but I think many will be disappointed once they read the fine print. Most employers will rather pay the fee to not offer insurance than mess around with all the paperwork involved and how will most families afford the $8000 deductible (or maybe $11k) plus monthly premiums??!! But on the flip side with so many uninsured Americans I guess we need to start somewhere and make adjustments along the way.

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