national library week

The week was half over before I learned that it is National Library Week. At any rate, I think we’ll celebrate with a visit. We go to the library nearly every week so perhaps it is not much of a celebration. But maybe I should just say we celebrate libraries frequently.

The INK Blog has a delightful librarian story in honor of this week.

3 thoughts on “national library week

  1. Interesting INK blog…. Mr. Mysterious and Company-I have neither read that book nor have I seen it. I will get it. I also go to the library a lot and sometimes have forgotten what I have ordered (a book hold). It is like Christmas finding a surprise waiting there. My friends listen to books on tape; I can't seem to enjoy this. And you?

  2. Last year I listened to "Across Five Aprils" on a "play away" (mini player with place to insert my own earphones). I made it through to just about the end, but then resorted to the book to read the last few chapters. Common problems for me when listening to a book: mind wandering or noises or interruptions that make we miss key bits of the story.

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