Today we celebrated my husband’s birthday. His birthday according to the INS, that is. He doesn’t really know when he was born. (Though he mother recalls it was a Thursday, the month, day and year are elusive). May 5th is just the date he uses when filling out forms and official documents.

When I first met him, he had said he’d never celebrated his birthday before and saw no reason to start now. So in past years we never paid too much attention to it. But now that we’ve got a son who enjoys singing “Happy Birthday” and eating birthday cake, things have changed. He was serenaded three times and then we all had a piece of carrot cake.

One thought on “birthday

  1. Birthday celebrating seems to be just a mainstream American tradition. I recently learned that in the (traditional) Native cultural it's almost considered taboo to celebrate one's birthday….of course the modern generation most do celebrate, but usually just with small family gathering. Most of my "in-laws" didn't have birthday parties with friends growing up nor did they usually receive gifts. Some of the elders don't have their correct DOB listed, so they just guesstimate how old they are. Another friend from Laos has the same as your husband….her parents did not remember or record events like births, so they just picked a date for her when they immigrated here.

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