sweet tooth

Our little boy was at my aunt’s house for dinner last week. He asked for dessert since it wasn’t readily offered at the end of the meal. “Wasn’t bread with jam enough?” she asked. Indeed, it was not. So she gave him some banana bread.

I was a bit embarrassed by his straightforwardness as I got the details later. So today, when he was getting ready to go to a different aunt and uncle’s home for the better part of the day, I told him not to ask for dessert. “Why?” he needed to know.

“Because we don’t ask that kind of question,” I said.


“They might not have any dessert,” I said.


“Somalis don’t eat dessert everyday.” (And neither do we, just for the record.)

My husband stopped by to check on Adam during his lunch break and he couldn’t believe the question Adam asked at the end of the meal: “Do Somalis eat ice cream?”

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