We’re up for a challenge with choosing another boy name. I want something Somali that English speakers know how to pronounce and sounds nice to both sets of ears. So far the one thing that I’ve observed: many of the names can’t confidently be selected in advance. For example, there are names for a baby born when it’s raining, born in a neighbor’s house, born in the middle of the night, or born on Friday.

My husband pointed out that traditionally, final naming decisions didn’t need to be arrived at immediately after birth. The nomadic folks had weeks or months to select a name if they wanted.

3 thoughts on “names

  1. Yeah, I think in our culture people want a name immediately, and I guess waiting til the baby comes for a final decision is not all bad. Think of Eric Wayne, too. They changed it before they filled out the birth certificate, I guess.

  2. I think it is great when people put real thought into their baby's name, and choose something meaningful. I think of a family I know—the children are Honesty, Harmony, & Justice and the dog is Liberty and granddaughter is Charity.

  3. It's interesting how similar some cultures are….in the Hopi culture they also wait until a couple days after birth to give babies their traditional name…..which like Somalis can be based on the time of birth, weather, etc.In our ever fast-paced American society Drs are telling you ahead of time to make sure your name is picked out because the "birth certificate" people are knocking on the door very soon after delivery. I don't think they will let one be discharged from the hospital without filling out the birth cert papers.

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