Sometimes my hurrying makes my husband nervous. And when we’re out for a walk, he sets the pace, generally uninterested in walking as fast as I would on my own. But these days, I’m notably slower, I realize. Here’s a conversation we had this evening:

Me: One thing I notice about being pregnant is that I can’t walk as fast.

Husband: Why do you need to walk fast?

Me: Successful people walk 25 percent faster.

Husband: That’s an American idea.

He’s an American too, I could have pointed out. But I couldn’t argue that ideas about fast and slow are influenced by one’s cultural background.

2 thoughts on “pace

  1. ……one of my favorite subjects. I think our culture is sort of crazed! I guess I agree with your husband. Hurry, scurry, hustle, bustle…..ugh. I got a Mother's Day card form my kids that had a Spanish proverb in it that said, " How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards." My motto (w/o being lazy of course). And, "Be still and know that I am God." How often are we Americans 'still'?

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