4 thoughts on “dad’s visiting tomorrow

  1. By the way this is a good chance to tell you how much I have used your 6-word idea. I think at times I can perhaps be annoyingly verbose, so this has helped me 'get to the point'. I am now using this for my morning prayers –along with other things—for the ACTS prayer. Adoration,Confession,Thanks,& Supplication…they change each day and I never run short of ideas. Thank you.

  2. How was the visit? Rhubarb sounds so yummy — funny how ones' tastes change over time, I never really cared for it growin up, but now I miss Grandma's sauce and rhubarb crunch. I need to find a store that sells it here so I can make some. It's not a hot item though, I think I've seen it maybe once and that was a couple years ago.

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