How many passwords do you have to keep track of? I haven’t counted mine, but I got on this subject as I was explaining to one of my sisters that I have one library card that has two different passwords associated with it, one for each of two different library systems in our area…

When I last came back to the States after a few years away, I went through a bit of password shock. I’ve gotten better at keeping things straight, but just a few weeks ago I was stuck and had to make a phone call.

Have you got some rhyme or reason behind how you choose and remember passwords? What is one of the best tips you’ve heard on this topic?

2 thoughts on “passwords

  1. I am in 'password shock' and didn't come back from a different country. I try to have the same passwords as much as possible or keep them as closely related as possible; they all revolve around the same subject so that my memory can easily be jogged. I'd give an example, but then I may give away my password(s)!

  2. I haven't counted, but I'd guess around 50 — probably close to 100 if you add in work items. I use very similar ones for my personal stuff, but I also try to change them at least once a year. I do have a rhyme to how I choose them, but I don't want to give away my secret 🙂 They say you should use numbers and letters in a password — some sites are very strict and want a number, uppercase and lowercase letter and a special character; very annoying to me!!

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