can’t beat garden fresh

The fresh cilantro added to last night’s spaghetti and tonight’s curry, picked just minutes before dinner, adds more flavor than store-bought ever did, it seems.

Now we’re eagerly keeping an eye on the cucumbers that should be big enough to eat within the week. Do squirrels or rabbits like fresh cucumbers? I hope not since our fence isn’t entirely animal proof, it seems. (We never had these urban animal problems on the farm so I’m stilling learning how to co-exist.)

3 thoughts on “can’t beat garden fresh

  1. Cilantro! I have a big question about cilantro. I have tried to grow it for two growing seasons now and… nothing. My neighbor grows it by the bushel. Any tips? She and I have been trying to work it out, but my Spanish is limited and her English is nil.

  2. It's my first time growing cilantro and I've had mixed success. The plants in the garden didn't get very tall before they starting to go to seed. The ones in a container sitting on our front step have done much better. (We were expecting the opposite.) Maybe the partial shade helped. I've read that cilantro does better with cooler temperatures so I'd recommend spring or fall planting, Cyd. (Read more at

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