Libraries are among my favorite places to visit. Today we went to the newly remodeled Roseville library. Its bright, modern interior called to mind museum–modern art museum, I might say–more than library to me. It’s a fabulous place. We plan to go there regularly. But I think I like old, slightly smaller libraries better.

What sort of library do you like?

3 thoughts on “libraries

  1. I am not a fan of modern libraries either…but usually the modern ones are big so they have plenty of books. My favorite library might be the one in LF.

  2. I think my favorite library is LF….it's a historic building and not too showy and just the right size. We didn't have a library in Tuba during most of my time there so I always enjoyed the one in LF during the summer. The one in our area now is good too; only downfall is the small parking lot. I love their online system so I can request just about anything and the wait time is not long. Their DVD selection is quite good as well.

  3. I liked our library before they moved to a new "improved" location. The original one was very old fashioned, ornate, even musty smelling, but I enjoyed it so much I wrote about it for an English assignment at college. The assignment was to write a descriptive piece about an exciting place to go. I remember a young man in the class said, "You think of the library as an exciting place?" If he only knew….

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