sibling rivalry begins already

Our soon-to-be three-year-old has had enough of this “new baby” business. He has gotten mighty difficult to live with the past few days. We’ve been trying to spend some quality time with him each day and explaining things as we go, but it’s not enough, I guess.

Any tips on easing the transition somewhat?

3 thoughts on “sibling rivalry begins already

  1. One thing I heard for when baby comes home and when you get visitors is to put a note or sign on your door that says "please ask Adam to show you the new baby" that way he gets to feel a lil important.But like Amanda says….it never really ends 😉

  2. No specific advice, but from a mom who was pretty nervous about doing everything right as to not harm my children with my parenting (read everything, fretted constantly,etc.)… Then I heard someone say, "Pray for them and love them, the rest will work itself out". Ahhhhh ps what a little cutie!

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