Simple Kids has had a couple of posts this week about collections. I don’t think I ever got very far with a collection as a child. As an adult, I started collecting my ID cards from various schools and jobs. Part of being on the move every few years, I suppose.

Have you ever had a collection? If so, what got you started?

3 thoughts on “collecting

  1. I collect unique postcards and postage stamps. I have collected other things as well-business cards, stickers, paper, t-shirts from old navy. Weren't you collecting stamps in your passport for awhile?

  2. I think the only thing I collect is books. I just love them all as 'friends' of course, but when it came to packing them to move I ended up donating around a hundred from my class & house to the library and my book club. I seem to be accumulating a lot of crosses and bells given to me as gifts too.

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