Our son recently decided he should send a letter to daddy at his work place. He won’t be one of the children who asks, Write Grandma a What?

The article notes that in 2004, the United States Post Office estimated the average household received 1.1 pieces of personal mail per week. I bet it’s less than that now.

How often do you get personal mail via post?

4 thoughts on “mail

  1. Ah,snail mail, don't you just love it? I have recently moved out of state and just today received two letters from 'home' and it just made my day. So much more personal. Your sister is quite good at letter writing, isn't she? & it is so appreciated. Seems it's a dying art…

  2. I get about one letter a week…and lately I haven't been writing as much, though I hope to do more now that I am not out and about every couple of days.

  3. I get less than one piece a week, unless my mom or uncle H are out traveling ;). I try and write a couple times a year….it may be my "unpersonalized brag letter" but hey it's a letter ;)I make Tyler write his grandparents postcards too just to keep the skill.

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