caught in the act

Yesterday evening I saw a deer eating our left over tomatoes. The frost had already done a number on them, so they were just in the garden for the taking. But this confirms my neighbor’s conclusion about the disappearing green tomatoes earlier in the season.

In other garden news, I’ve had the impossible happen, according to one aunt – no zucchini. The plants kept blooming, but then the blossoms were continually getting lopped off, and often left lying next to the plant. Wonder who the culprit was there.

Lots to learn about urban gardening, but we’ll definitely give it a go again next year.

2 thoughts on “caught in the act

  1. I think your zucchini came to my garden 🙂 We did not plant any zucchini and yet a huge plant came up and kept us in them all season. Perhaps a bird brought the seed or it got mixed in with another packet or… Our best tomato plant was the one that sprang up from the compost pile from an old seed! Seems each year there is a surprise.

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