A co-worker once told me that when I’m old I won’t have to change much. I already drive like a grandma. Well, I’ve got a story for her.

We hadn’t gone much more than a mile from home today when I got pulled over. I didn’t even know what I’d done wrong.

The officer told me I was going 40 miles an hour on a road posted at 30. Residents in the area have been complaining about the fast traffic. He gave me a speeding ticket.

I’ll be out $121 if I pay it. What will happen if I contest it? Is there a realistic chance of getting it overturned?

3 thoughts on “ticket

  1. I am told i also drive like a grandma…but i like to be safe. If your insurance might go up, look into traffic school. Perhaps this is a CA thing, but I rec'd a ticket for running a stop sign a couple years ago and went to traffic school (online) so that my insurance wouldn't go up.

  2. If guilty pay it, if not contest is my opinion. Ok my turn. The first day in New Mexico (moved from Calif.) I got pulled over and like you was going over by about 10 mph; I apologized profusely saying I was new here. He let me go! I knew then we were going to like it here.

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