all in a day’s work

Today I
bathed one baby
entertained two boys
served three meals
revised four articles
read five picture books
sang six songs
put together seven pieces of a car ramp
picked up eight dozen (or somewhere thereabouts) blocks
breastfed nine times
pureed 10 baby servings of green beans
gave at least 11 reprimands
changed 12 diapers
spent 20 minutes writing a letter
remained on-call for 24 hours
walked for 30 minutes (my quiet time)
washed 40 cloth diapers
applied 50 pounds (or more) of compost
washed more dishes than I care to count

When I put it all down like this I feel like I’ve accomplished something, but there’s always more to do tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “all in a day’s work

  1. It looks like Clair is rubbing off on you. It reminds me of her type of list.I can relate with some of your list. It's good to focus on what you got done rather than how much is left to do.

  2. "Sang six songs" was my favorite line.My list used to be like yours, now being retired it is:I took one napread from 2 different booksmissed 3 "kids"took 4 vitaminsswam 5 laps in the poolwatered 6 vegetable potswent to bed at 7

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