Christmas cards

This week I found a bunch of cards at the thrift and have been madly writing them out in all my spare moments. Next, I’m going to tuck in photos and send them on their way.

I like this season because lots of people who rarely if ever write a letter might send something my way. With the help of photo cards and laser printers, though, some never even lift a pen. I guess I shouldn’t be picky, but I much prefer the cards that have a personal touch, a sentence scrawled on the bottom or at least a hand-written address on the envelope. Is that so last-century?

3 thoughts on “Christmas cards

  1. Does it still count as handwritten when my mom pens her yearly letter and then copies it and mails it??? 😉 I started including a couple handwritten notes with my letters to make them a little more personal, but I still like typing my yearly brag letter (as my friends refer to it). I do like receiving handwritten letters too which is why I write still 🙂

  2. My pet peeve is "E-cards". I know I should just appreciate that they thought of me, but golly! I am too old fashioned, I guess; well you can tell–I just used the word golly.

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