the real deal

Diapers currently make up about 2 percent of municipal waste, whereas in 1970 they made up 0.3 percent. (Source: Mother Jones)

Cloth diapering is one way to save a lot of waste. And real diaper week, sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, promotes this cause. The great cloth diaper change on Saturday, April 21 serves as the grand finale of the week. The goal is to break the world record for the most cloth diapers changed at the same time. (Set last year, the current record is just over 5,000 diapers changed simultaneously.) There are several event locations in the Twin Cities including PeaPods in St. Paul, Colonial Church of Edina, and DaVinci Academy of Arts and Sciences, Blaine.

The event aims to promote awareness of cloth diapering and its benefits, among them saving money and reducing landfill waste. Cloth diaper wearers tend to transition out of diapers at an earlier age as well. Part of the reason, as I’ve heard it explained, is because children can feel when they’re wet.

We use simple cotton prefolds and LiteWrap diaper covers (with velcro closures). I like ’em. We’ve used the same diapers with both boys and have only had to replace a few of the wraps.

What is your experience with cloth diapers?

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