working to regain work-life balance

It has been one of those weeks that went speeding by. But it also felt like it would never end. Too many deadlines. Too much whining from the little one who’s having a hard time letting go of the nursing habit. Too many dirty supper dishes that had to be faced the next morning.

One day after lunch I feel asleep while reading a book aloud to my son. In that half-awake in between state, I could sort of hear myself speaking gibberish. Yesterday I walked around all morning, foggy headed from lack of sleep. This wasn’t how I had envisioned work-life balance.

I started freelancing because I wanted a job that was flexible enough to fit with my family’s schedule. But this week it fell far short of my expectations. It’s time to guard more diligently against over commitment, I’ve learned. (And to schedule more time for sleep.)

What do you do restore work-life balance?

2 thoughts on “working to regain work-life balance

  1. This is tough. I always find it difficult to work from home because there are so many other things that grab my attention – kids, cleaning, etc. I don’t have an easy answer, however, I found that setting up a spot for my writing makes it easy for me to get into a project right away. I also keep a LOT of lists! I’m going back to school in July so I will have to be even more careful with how I manage my time. Thanks for posting this. It is nice to know other moms struggle with this (not that you find joy in others’ struggles…just support).

    • Yes, we all need support. And I agree that efficiently getting back into a project is key. On the days I meander through emails, etc. there’s very little time left for writing before nap time is over.
      Congrats on your return to school.

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