help your preschooler develop narrative skills

The ability to tell a story well is a foundational pre-reading skill. Here are a few fun ways to help your child develop in this area.

Provide children with costumes, puppets, stuffed toys, action figures or flannel boards for story making. A library we frequent has a wonderful collection of puppets and toys children can use to create their own stories or act out stories they have read. Sometimes we make our own puppets for creative play.

Before reading a book, look at the cover and ask your child what the book will be about. Preview the pictures throughout as well.

While reading, stop at key points and ask, “What do you think is going to happen next?” before turning the page.

Ask your child to retell the story after you have finished reading it. Often this is a good question to ask with favorite books, or at least with books you’ve read several times.

Create a chain story. Several members of the family can play along, if possible, but it even works with two people. Each turn, a person  adds one sentence to the story. Make it as silly as you like.

What other story telling games work well with preschoolers?

2 thoughts on “help your preschooler develop narrative skills

  1. We draw pictures of favorite characters in books and then role play with them. Sometimes we get fancy and make them out of cardstock and stick straws or craft sticks to the back. I love listening to the story continue. It’s also fun to do this with characters from different books. Would Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy be friends? What would the three little pigs think of Cat and the Hat?

    I love your ideas! I will try some of these with my girls!

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