the beauty of a (mostly) wordless book


My sons and I first “read” this book last week. We studied the pictures and came up with what we thought was a suitable interpretation for the watercolor illustrations, most of which are not accompanied by any words.

This morning the boys were reviewing the book with their daddy, who interpreted a few of the pictures somewhat differently. A fair amount of discussion ensued, with both father and son supporting their views from the text. Then, the younger one wanted to keep turning back to one certain page asking, “What happened?” He needed to hear that part of the story again and again.

A wordless book offers lots of opportunities to talk about the “text,” to extend the conversation and to introduce new concepts and vocabulary.

Have you got a favorite wordless book?

4 thoughts on “the beauty of a (mostly) wordless book

  1. There are a few by Barbara Lehman that are good for grade school children that I like. Mercer Mayer’s wordless books are excellent, too.

  2. I LOVE Jerry Pinkney’s Lion and the Mouse. Every time we read it we are mesmerized by the story that is told through the pages. Lots of emotion runs throughout. Another one that has just a few words is Goodnight Gorilla. It’s a cute little story that my girls love to narrate.

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