a little practice with a hammer

“Mommy, do you think we can go to Home Depot and do a project?” my son asked this afternoon.

This coming Saturday is a Kids Workshop day, I told him, and yes, it is possible that we could go. When you’re four and it’s only Wednesday, waiting for Saturday seems a lot like waiting for forever.

If you haven’t been to a Kids Workshop, you and your kids are in for a treat. Just show up at Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month, between 9 a.m. and noon. Each child you bring along will receive a kit and an apron, and a commemorative pin upon completing the project. Hammers, safety glasses and other tools are available for use. All this at no cost, except for the price of whatever home improvement item(s) you suddenly remember you need to buy and end up taking to the checkout lane.

Below are photos from our last trip, which was in July. We put together toy trucks and then painted them. Somehow I never got photos of the completed projects. Guess I could go dig them out of the toy box, but I’m on a roll here.

“We’ve got our aprons on. Let’s go!”

This place has a lot of blocks, our little one was thinking. “Blocks!” he said.

Putting the truck together isn’t hard if you follow the step-by-step instructions – and get a bit of help from your dad.

The true test of a good vehicle is whether the wheels spin. This one passed the test.

4 thoughts on “a little practice with a hammer

    • It is. We had a good time there Saturday. After putting together football goal post games, they asked me to help pick out my birthday present. (We got some pretty Gerbera daisies.)

    • Thanks.
      You might want to put it on the calendar. Or tell the girls – they’ll remind you. I think they’re making toy fire engines in September.

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