here and now vs. some day

Last week my brother Tim called me as he was sitting in his semi truck, waiting for someone to finish loading the trailer so he could get on the road heading north.  He talked about his last stop and the waiting involved there too. “Life is waiting,” he concluded. I wrote it down.

As a parent, I too always seem to be waiting for something. First I waited for each of my boys to be born. Then I waited – and waited – for them to sleep through the night. We waited for them to smile, to crawl, to walk, to talk, to be done with diapers. Some days I look forward to evening, when they’re asleep and quiet overtakes our house.

Now, I’m waiting for them to take on more of the household chores, to learn how to read, to begin school, to play word games …

But it’s not waiting as in wishing for time to pass more quickly. It’s waiting as in looking forward to the future. And like my brother, I want to make the most of the waiting times. That means living in the moment and storing up memories. Like the memory of how my little one puts on his trousers: holding his foot in his hand and shoving it into the pant leg. Or how my five-year-old reads Wild Animal Baby magazine to his little brother.

What are you looking forward to?

Or what are you living this moment?

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