looking back on 2012

“I think five is my favorite age,” my five-year-old told me over lunch today.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m smarter than when I was four – and I don’t get as many time outs,” he said.

As the day has progressed I’ve thought that he may have hit upon some good criteria for evaluating the year.

Am I smarter than I was a year ago? Definitely. We learn a lot from just living life, reading and interacting with people. But I have also intentionally studied in order to improve in a few areas.

Do I need less correction than I did a year ago? This one’s not so easily measured, but I think so.

Leave it to kids to help us put things in perspective.

How are you evaluating the year that has just passed?

4 thoughts on “looking back on 2012

    • Yes, sometimes he says something that I just have to write down.
      He also recently asked me why Caleb got the name of someone who listened to God, but he got the name of someone who didn’t listen to God (Adam).

  1. I always look at what I have done on my resolutions list…I never quite get them all done, but I have to look at what I accomplished.

    • Seems like a reasonable approach, to aim high and then take stock of what you have accomplished. I have found that even if we don’t do something the first year we say we plan to, we may eventually get it done.

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