why are so few parents talking about chores?

Here’s the thing about expecting my five-year-old to fix his bed every day: I’ll need to expect the same thing of myself. And if my track record from the past five years is any indication, there’s much room for improvement.

I know giving children chores is important. Chores help a child learn responsibility and feel like a contributing member of the family. But sometimes it seems like a whole lot of work to train a child to do chores. And other moms with kids my age don’t seem to be a good source of input here. Many of them haven’t yet thought much about giving their kids chores. An occasional conversation with my grandma, however, helps put things in perspective. Today when we visited, she talked about the chores she used to do. At another point, when mentioning a former co-worker, she stated the woman “was from a farm so she knew how to work.”

Even if there are not as many chores to do in the city, there surely are enough to teach my boys some useful life lessons. So I shall persist. On a good day, I can already see benefits. For one, having them set the table and do a few small tasks to help with meal preparation redirects some of the pent up energy that so easily bubbles over during the hour before dinner.

What is your take on chores?

6 thoughts on “why are so few parents talking about chores?

    • Agreed. That’s why I tend to think that chores shouldn’t be tied to allowance either. Everyone helps out simply because they’re a part of the family.

  1. Chores build character-maybe in both parents and children. It is just as important to learn to contribute to a family as learning to read.

  2. Chores are good! Painful during the training process, though, for mom and kids alike. One good thing about trying to sell a house is the amount of practice that we are all getting at cleaning. And working together. 🙂 how’s that for a positive take on my current situation?

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