when it’s better not to do the easier thing

“It’s more comfortable to stay home,” my five-year-old complained as we were getting in the car. To some extent I had to agree. We had a two-hour drive ahead of us, which IS rather long for preschoolers. And when it’s long for them, it’s long for me.

“But people are important, and sometimes we don’t do what’s easier or more comfortable,” I explained. And it’s a parent’s job to live this out, not to just say it. So we buckled in and were on our way to visit my dad and brother. “Are we going to Grandpa’s house?” my little one asked, checking to make sure nothing had changed. He asked the question again when we stopped for a potty break and then when we were about 30 minutes from the farm. “Yes, we’re going to Grandpa’s house,” I confirmed each time.

Amos, the farm dog, greeted the boys as we got out of the car. Inside the house, they went immediately for the toy box. But once the initial novelty of the toys wore off, they looked at the calves, the milk truck and the skid steer from the house window. (It was too chilly and muddy to spend much time outdoors.) Dairy farmers never have a day off, but both my dad and brother were able to carve out some time to get down on the floor to play with the boys, the trucks and the building blocks.

When it was time for them to start the evening chores, we climbed back into the car. Thankfully, the ride home always seems just a bit shorter.

“Did you have a good trip to the farm?” I asked my younger son as I put him in his crib last evening.

“I like Uncle Wayne,” he replied.

“Did you have a good day at the farm?” I asked my older son.

“Yeah, I didn’t know I was going to have such a good day,” he said.

4 thoughts on “when it’s better not to do the easier thing

  1. Whenever we get back home after an tiring weekend with what feels like too much activity, I try to remember this exact thing. It’s good to be with friends and family and then it also feels good to be back home again. Balance. Always balance : ).

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