those ads about teaching toddlers how to read? I never believed them until last week

I started out teaching our older son to read about three weeks ago, and have made quite the discovery. Our younger son is picking up decoding right along with his older brother. I wasn’t even trying to teach him, but he’s around during the lessons and he’s been absorbing quite a bit.

What is it they say about children’s brains? Like sponges.

I wasn’t even serious when I asked our two-and-half-year-old, “What sound does this make?” as I showed him the “G” block. But he said, “Guh!” I cheered for him and then tried out a few more letters. He also knew “C,” “P,” and “T.” “A” is hit or miss, but he’s better at “O.” (We’re just learning one sound per vowel at this point.)

So we’re on lesson 17 of 31 lessons and I’m adjusting slightly to include two pupils instead of just one. But I’m not pushing the understudy too hard.

4 thoughts on “those ads about teaching toddlers how to read? I never believed them until last week

  1. It is a good reminder that children learn lots of things even when people don’t realize it. I am glad your endeavor is going so well.

    • You’re right about children picking up lots of things. It shouldn’t surprise me so much any more, but it still does from time to time.

  2. What fun Anita! I so enjoyed teaching my kids to read. One of my favorite memories. Your understudy is doing well. I will never forget when my little girls called a toy box TOY BOC and a shirt CLO instead of clothes because,”It isn’t plural”, they said. I think they were 4 & 6 then. Ha!

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