no place is perfect

Minnesotans like to talk about the weather – well, complain mostly. And with snow falls up through May this year, there’s been lots of complaining going on.

But we’re not the only ones with a less-than-ideal climate. Yesterday, my husband was talking about Djibouti, where he lived for a time. It’s extremely hot there, he said. “Is it hotter than Somalia?” my son asked.

Yes, you always want to hide from the sun because it feels like the sun is just inches from your head, his daddy told him.

“Some places are too hot and some places are too cold,” our five-year-old concluded.

2 thoughts on “no place is perfect

  1. So true, but over five years in California convinced me Minnesota is nice because the seasons are so distinct, and I am generally glad about the change.

    • I too enjoy the four seasons. And I try to avoid complaining about the weather. Usually it’s just a matter of days – or hours – until it changes.

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