things we liked and didn’t like this week

We enjoyed swimming in Lake McCarrons. We were there twice – the day before and the day after the 4th. The second time, we had a picnic lunch with my aunt and her son.

We didn’t like discovering our deck is more badly in need of repair than we first thought. We don’t like the amount of effort it’s taking to find someone to repair it either.

We had fun at the 4th of July bash/birthday party for my two sisters. One sister hosted, and her daughter entertained us with her new invention, a “Tip it” piñata. My boys enjoyed boat rides; the bigger kids caught some fish. The boat parade was nothing outstanding, but the girls who dressed as beauty queens demonstrated a bit of creativity.

We didn’t like the fire crackers. My two-year-old woke crying. He thought it was another “boomerstorm.” To my husband, a refugee, fire crackers always call to mind the sounds within his war torn country.

We read Ferdinand at least 10 times. “Ferdinand is nice,” my younger son says. It’s true. He’s the peace-loving hero of the story.

We liked assembling and painting today’s Home Depot project.

We didn’t like all the mosquitoes trying to drink from us this evening.

The idea for this post is borrowed from Djibouti Jones.

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