surviving another vacation

My husband had last week off. As the keeper of the budget, I vetoed certain travel plans and we settled on a mostly at-home vacation, with a bit of urban camping. We learned some lessons from last year, and had a pleasant time in our new tent at Lake Elmo Park Reserve. We had three picnics with friends, one of them in a pontoon on the St. Croix River.

For our older son, a visit to Brickmania was a highlight. He would have liked to stay and build with their Lego bricks for hours.  We told him we’d return some other Saturday.

And our baby turned three. He enjoyed blowing out the candles on his made-to-order birthday cake. For months, he’d been asking for a green cake. Not green frosting, but green cake. However, he agreed that a confetti cake might be okay. It does have some green spots in it, I pointed out. I baked it and frosted it with green icing and he was happy.

I’m not a very good vacationer, so I didn’t really take the week off. I squeezed in an interview I’d been wanting to do for some time and did some one-on-one writing coaching. I insisted we maintain our quiet time schedule most afternoons so I could write and so our younger boy could have a nap. This made the two of us less crabby.

After a week of less down-time than usual, I am ready to return to our normal routine.

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