on Epiphany

At breakfast time on Monday January 6th our thermometer read about -22 degrees F. But with windchill factored in I guess it may have felt something like -30. One source said it was colder here in Minnesota that day than it was in Antarctica. It was too cold to go to school, our governor had declared.

So my boys and I didn’t go anywhere. There are plenty of days that we stay home – in fact we’d just recently finished 12 days of winter break, and a good majority of those days we spent at home. But there was something about knowing that it would be just the three of us together all day long that made me feel a little bit stuck. Part of it was that my husband wouldn’t be home until well past the boys’ bed time so I’d get no back up. Plus I had this project that I needed to work on and there would be too many interruptions to get much done.

It was a good day to practice living in the moment, of putting all my energy and attention into doing whatever my hand finds to do. That phrase came to mind and I had to look it up – it’s in I Samuel 10:7.

So, my boys and I washed the dishes, put away the Christmas tree, scrubbed the toilets, picked up the toys, made a tent out of blankets and chairs, and read some books. All before lunch.

Then we had about an hour and a half of quiet time before the boys were back to speaking at high volume, jumping around and squabbling. We read some more books, and then I got a little help with the dinner preparations. We ended the day by putting on some Go Fish music and having a dance party.

So, I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions. And although I considered choosing a word for the year, I couldn’t think of one that captures all my hopes and intentions for the coming year. But this day got me thinking. It was no coincidence that it was Epiphany. I decided that verse in the first book of Samuel will be my verse for this year, “do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you. (I Samuel 10:7)”

It reminds me to stop procrastinating.

It reminds me to be content.

It reminds me that I’m not alone.

How are you looking at the year ahead?

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