the long cold winter

“A polar vortex!” my son said as I opened the curtain on Thursday morning to reveal snowflakes swirling frantically in the wind. Even my kindergartener is using the buzz word of the winter.

Though the snow had already piled up on the roads and snow was still falling, no one was talking about cancelling school this morning. That was fine with me since we’d already had five days off in the month due to the great North American cold wave.

This time of the year we’re usually tired of winter, but it seems especially so this year because it’s been so cold we don’t even go out to play much. But if the weather ever remains in the above-zero temperature range long enough, we just might go exploring outside. Perhaps we’ll look for tracks in the snow. (Click the link to see my latest published piece.)2014-02-01 17.43.34

2 thoughts on “the long cold winter

    • Yes, they are growing. I tell them I’m happy-sad about it. But there’s no sentimentality on their part. They’re already looking forward to the day when they’ll be taller than I am.

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