at a loss for words

“Good grief. What does ‘good grief’ mean, mommy?” my three-year-old asked.

“It’s what you say when you don’t know what to say,” I told him.

“Oh. I know what to say. I don’t need to say that,” he said.

Some day you just might be a a loss for words, my son. It might be when your three-year-old screams all the way home from the grocery store because he doesn’t know where the snap on his sweatshirt went. You might try explaining that the snap is actually on another sweatshirt, but it will be futile. Chalk it up as a lesson learned: don’t try to accomplish just one more thing when it’s lunch time for your preschooler. Just get him fed on time.

You might also find yourself unsure of what to say when your six-year-old turns his sourest attitude toward his great aunt who came to see his art on display at the Coffee Grounds coffee shop. Even though you ask him to apologize and he does, you may still find yourself puzzling over what the root of the issue really is. It’ll be enough to make you decide not to drag him to see the same piece at the Saint Paul Art Crawl even though it’s kind of a big deal to be counted among the artists in town.

Now you’re four months shy of four years of age, and you are fairly articulate. Enjoy it. It might not last into parenthood.

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