time for a hair cut

“Mom, I need a hair cut,” my seven-year-old reported yesterday.

“Yes, you do, but I’m cooking dinner right now. Remind me after we eat,” I said.

Apparently that wasn’t soon enough. The boy decided he’d do a little trimming on his own. The first thing I noticed was fine dark hair scattered on the bathroom floor. And the hand-held mirror was lying near the sink with some telltale hair trimmings on it as well. “Oh, no,” I thought.

“Adam! Bring the broom here,” I called. Perhaps he knew this wouldn’t be a pleasant exchange. He retrieved the broom in record time, and I helped him sweep up the floor. Looking at him head-on I didn’t see any bad gashes. Perhaps it was only a little harmless trimming… I reminded him that only grown ups cut hair.

Upon further inspection, I saw a few places in the back that looked like a goat had been at work (as his daddy would say). So after dinner, I pulled out the electric hair trimmer, put on the number 2 attachment and evened out the back considerably. Then trimmed his sides and top too. Just one small spot is shorter than the rest now. The hair should grow in within a week or two.

I gave his little brother a hair cut too. And then the four-year-old illustrated just how badly, in his view, they had needed a hair cut:

2015-08-03 19.23.53

Notice those piles of hair to the right and left of the boy in the chair?

5 thoughts on “time for a hair cut

    • Memorable indeed. Seems like many kids experiment with cutting their hair. I may have done my own bangs once – the results were much worse.

    • Of course I remember you, Ariunaa. Good to hear from you. On September 1st, I thought back to my days there in Mongolia, where September 1st is always the first day of school – even if it’s Saturday or Sunday.

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