what’s the cook to do?

It’s time to cast my net wide for ideas of how to deal with the complaining that accompanies the start of meal times far too frequently. It can become demoralizing to hear “ew” and “yucky” on a regular basis when I’m serving up dinner.

One potential solution: it’s time to put the 8-year-old to work in the kitchen. I’m not sure I’m ready to hand over the planning and the bulk of the food preparation for even one meal a week, but in the long run, the benefits will out-weigh the inconveniences, right?

Another idea came to me while checking my inbox this morning. It was prompted by my word of the day email. Today I learned the word rechauffe (ray-sho-FAY). The first meaning given was “warmed leftover food.”

This is just the word I need to add to my vocabulary. It sounds so sophisticated, so exotic. Not that my sons like exotic, but it’s all about the marketing sometimes.

I can imagine the conversation already.

Son: What’s for dinner, mom?

Me: Rechauffe.

Son: What’s that?

Me: Wait and see.

Son: Just tell me.

Me: It’s really good…




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