art from lined paper

During Christmas break, we tried out author and illustrator Debra Frasier’s Paper Camp. The beauty of the technique in this stripes course is that you create your own patterned paper from regular notebook or loose leaf paper, coloring every other line with a marker. Once you’ve got a nice assortment of handmade striped paper, then you cut out some shapes to form a picture. The boys and I each made one:

The best thing about this class was that it opened our eyes to what can be done with scraps. In our second round, we created pictures with the bits and pieces, arranging and rearranging different discarded pieces from the first project until it looked like something familiar.

In one picture, we used scraps plus some tiny embellishments cut from an orange stripe:

After that, we tried out a few folding projects to make use of more of the striped paper:

Once the boys got past the idea that such projects are for “little kids,” we had a fun time creating together.

3 thoughts on “art from lined paper

  1. That is fantastic Anita! Such creativity! Thanks for the ideas for my grandkids whenever it works that we can be together in person!

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