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Yesterday, a need to finish a geometry assignment was verbalized just as the middle schooler’s lights were turned off for the night. He had had a sub in that class for the past two days, and he wasn’t getting much, if any, help with it at school. So I pulled out the text book, read the lesson, and did all the problems. I never showed that scratch paper to my son, but I wanted to be sure I’d be able to explain algebraic proofs and answer any questions that might come up. During distance learning I’d discovered that our older boy has enough of an attention deficit that he’s unable to appreciate the pace of the “let’s learn this together” approach. (It’s actually more like clearing away the cobwebs to recall things I haven’t used since high school.) Whatever the case, I was prepared this morning and felt it had been a half an hour well spent at the end of my day.

After breakfast, we read through the properties of equality and congruence together and looked at a few examples. Then he finished all the assigned problems and submitted his work in Schoology.

At the beginning of the school year, he had said his teacher gave the class a pep talk about how we can all do math and shouldn’t create excuses for ourselves such as, “Math is not my thing” or “I can’t do math.” If nothing else, I’ve modeled that this week.

2 thoughts on “homework help

  1. Wow! Anita! My days of geometry were hard! You really do keep on learning and encouraging your sons to not give up! Your example! Your perseverance!

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