grateful for our garden


When my Hungry Mungries believe they simply can’t wait until the meal is cooked before they eat, I tend to pull out the vegetables – carrot or celery sticks, frozen peas (served still frozen), cucumber slices… Today their “first course” at lunch was all from our garden plot. Can you believe I had to ration the green beans?



modeling gratitude: appreciating the small things

Since I’ve read Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson a few months back, I’ve been trying to be more intentional about modeling gratefulness and helping my kids to express their own gratitude. Here are some of our reasons to be thankful within the last week:

Wild blackberries on the edge of our garden and yard

The holiday, which meant additional time for the boys to play with their daddy

A spontaneous invitation from friends for a pontoon ride on the river

Central air to help us maintain our sanity during this heat wave

A new writing assignment

A visit from my sister, niece and nephews (the boys enjoyed playing with their cousins)

Flourishing tomato plants

What “gifts” have you enjoyed this week?

Today’s gifts

I’ve recently heard of a family whose dinner conversation includes an opportunity for each person to share the answer to the question, “What was today’s gift?” It needn’t be something big, but by relating a peaceful moment, describing a beautiful thing, or remembering a blessing they are multiplying their happiness.

One of my gifts today was some time for reading and reflection.
Another was an aunt’s comment that our son is a people person just like his grandma (my mom) was.

So, what was today’s gift?
Embrace it.
Savor it.
Pass it on.

A great gift

This image from IndieBound reminded me that my sister gave us all books last Christmas. She knows how to pick out books, even for people who don’t really like books that much. (Yes, we have a few of those in our family, but not too many.)

Have you got a book on your wish list this year?

I find that the books I like to own are a small subset of the books I want to read. But I’ve got a friend who is not a library goer; she likes all her books new. In which camp are you?